Happy New Year

Ring out the old write in the new. Okay so I haven’t got a new chapter of anything for you yet. Seeing how it is now 2012, well it is where I am; I thought I make some New Year Resolutions.

So without further ado my resolutions for 2012.

To finish Immortal Love

To finish A Marriage of Inconvenience

To start and finish the crossover I’m working on with DazedRose, Crossfire –(more details below)

To review more.

To lose weight. Okay that was has nothing to do with fan fiction, but it’s a good one.


Just to let everyone know I have started chapter 15 of Immortal Love. I have around 800 words done on it, and I’m hoping to have it complete soon.

Crossfire is a Supernatural/Southern Vampire Mysteries crossover. We (me and DazedRose) have set up a separate wordpress for it, where we will post the chapters, timeline, cast of characters, music videos (if we ever learn how to make them) and banners.

I also have a vampire Sookie story in the works. Set during season two of True Blood. Roughly titled The Darkness Within. After being turned, Sookie has to navigate the new world of vampires while she deals with the heartbreaking betrayal of her first love. It will be a very different Sookie. I want to write a fic where she struggles for control over her new instincts.

I often read vampire Sookie fics where she raises exactly the same, and gains control immediately. So I want to write one where she struggles with the new impulses.

I’m not sure when I will update again. I am moving sometime in the New Year and will be without Internet connection for a while. I am going to take that time to write, so hopefully when I do return it will be with a few new chapters.

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