New Story: Torn to Shreds

Title: Torn to Shreds

Summary: With Eric’s marriage to Oklahoma, Sookie has no choice but to flee from those who would take her for her abilities. Years later her past catches up with her, and a sudden reunion sets in motion things no one could predict.

Genre: Angst

Warning: Lemons, references to torture/rape.

Setting: Post Dead Reckoning

AN: Thanks to SophieMyst and Northman Mallie for beta’ing the first few chapters, and a big thank you to Ashensunset for beta’ing it all twice. Thanks also to DazedRose for putting up with me while I wrote this. This is post Dead Reckoning; everything is canon up until that point, or as canon as I can remember. Any spoilers for Deadlocked are purely guesses on my part, as I haven’t read it, hell it hadn’t been released when I started writing this. We have a seriously fucked up Eric and Sookie in this, especially Sookie.  I would like to thank EricizMine for making me the wonderful banner. This story is complete, I have all the chapters written and will be updating daily. It is very angsty and I will be putting warning on certain chapters, so please read the author notes.

Torn to Shreds

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