Torn to Shreds Final Chapter

AN: A big thank you to my wonderful beta, Ashensunset. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read and review story. I can’t believe it’s over, *sobs.* When I started writing this it was supposed to be a one-shot. It ended when Sookie left Bon Temps and that was supposed to be it. Then Eric demanded his say, so I thought, two-shot, with an unhappy ever after, but the more I wrote, the more I realized I couldn’t do it. After everything I put Sookie through I thought she deserved a happy ending. I could have given her it with someone else, but given how everyone had conspired and plotted to keep Eric and Sookie apart, I figured it would have been like letting them win, and that was something I couldn’t do.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. I’ll admit at times it broke my heart, writing what Sookie went through wasn’t easy, but I wanted to give her the strength and not make her a victim. Hopefully that came through in my writing. For those who read my stories probably know, I like writing a strong Sookie.

Now for hopefully some good news, after some thought and emailing my beta about it, I have decided to write a sequel. I still have the whole Niall thing to address and they’ll do no doubt face problems from others in the supernatural world. I’m not addressing them in this fic as the way it turned out, this fic is more about Eric and Sookie finding their way back to each other. They were torn to shreds and had to put the pieces back together and become whole again. The sequel will be them on solid ground, projecting a united front facing their enemies.

I intend to write the story out first and then post like I have done this one, one or two chapters a day. If all goes to plan, you should start getting the chapters around the end of October/beginning of November.


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