Yep, a brand new fic. I actually started this months ago and forgot about it. It picks up at the beginning of episode 6 and goes AU from there. It’s only going to be a mini fic, as in 2 chapters. It was supposed to be a one-shot. Thanks to my beta, Ashensunset.

Summary: S5: What would happen if Sookie wasn’t ‘glamoured’at the hospital and Kibwe demanded her brought along to the Authority? Surrounded by vampires she does not know and does not trust, the question becomes whom can Sookie depend on and whom she will turn to so she can make it out alive.


If anyone can and is interested in making a banner for this, it would be appreciated.

2 Comments on “Hopeless

  1. This would have been better if I read this part first. But you know me. I jump in and read feet first. Still, as I said earlier, I am looking SOOO forward to this story!!


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