Beta Wanted

Yeah, sorry, but no new chapter yet. I’ll get one done soon I promise.

Me and my beta Ashensunset have joined forces and are writing a story together, and we are looking for someone to beta it.

The story titled, Answer to the Master, is set in the True Blood verse so ideally it would help if you have a good knowledge of the characters from there in addition to Eric, Sookie, and co.

A few things you should know. The story is long. We haven’t reached the halfway mark yet and we are already at a 100,000 words. It contains sensitive subject matter, non con, torture, etc, and quite a bit of smut. It has various pairings.

If anyone is interested please leave a comment or send me a private message.

When we start posting it will be to a separate WordPress.

Sunset Queens

Follow us there.

Edited: Proper link is up now.

9 Comments on “Beta Wanted

  1. I would be interested in being a beta for your story. I’m currently helping on another story but it has just started and my first time.


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