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A/N: Much love to BEGiant and Christicdc, our excellent betas! We love seeing comments from the last chapter. Some of you thought we were too lenient on Pam…and Bill and Nan and everyone we all love to hate. Others said it was okay because it was True Blood Pam but not book Pam. (I agree.) I do want to assure you all that everyone will eventually have their comeuppance, but not just yet. Next Sunday (FINALLY!!!!) we get back to Sookie. I want to warn you all that content is not easy to deal with, even if there are some easier moments. As always there will be warnings, but if you would prefer a summary (and then the ability to decide for yourself), please let me know (with a comment) this chapter, and I can PM/respond/email/etc. you a brief summary of the following chapter (or even chapters) and their content. As always enjoy and leave some love at the end.

Chapter Warnings: violence

Chapter Five

5 Comments on “AttM Update

  1. I would like a brief summary on this chapter if this is violence against Sookie. Please and Thank you.


  2. Is this the third time you have posted chapter 5? This is beginning to feel like groundhog day. I get all excited then Flooomph!


    • Yes, it is. I posted it on mine and Ashensunset’s joint WordPress: SunsetQueens, on and then I finally remembered to link it here. Sorry for the confusion.


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