Poll: SVM vs. True Blood

Yeah, still no update. I have made some great progress though. My muse has gone into overdrive and I have loads of new ideas. Don’t worry I won’t abandon my other fics, but new ideas are always fun. So I have a little question for you all…

I have two ideas really stuck in my mind and I’m gonna put it to the vote as to which should get written first.

1) A post Dead Ever After fic. The happily ever after Eric and Sookie deserve.


2) A True Blood season 6 fic. It would start midway through S6 and fix the fucked up shit the season finale gave us. Meaning no Alcide, snowy mountain top, or redemption for Bill.

The story won’t be written until after I have finished A Marriage of Inconvenience. And even then it won’t be posted until it’s complete. I don’t want to leave anyone hanging again. So vote away. For some reason that bloody poll ain’t showing up for me. So leave a comment.

11 Comments on “Poll: SVM vs. True Blood

  1. How about writing #2, then evolving it into #1, and have a HUGE fic……………………..(and then write #1 as planned already…) Am I being greedy? Hell yeah I am. 😀 You’re awesome, and we want ALL your words!


  2. I would be happy with either, but I’m voting for SVM because it’s all over and we’re not going to get any more of the real thing. At least with TB we have one more season (no matter how crappy it might be!)


  3. Both cry out for redemption. I chose SVM because CH has finished screwing it up so we have no way to go but up from a story you author.


  4. Both cry out for redemption from the fuckery that was DEA and TB #6. You’ve already written “Torn to Shreds” so that gives us a little HEA for DEA –but I could always use more!!! So, I think the TB story would be first, the DEA/HEA second –but whatever the muse whispers in your ear is fine by me!!!


  5. Torn To Shreds was great and I re-read it often…but I’m voting for TB followed by SVM because both of the endings sucked. I’m greedy for both but I’ll take whatever you have to offer 🙂


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