Fan Fiction Fuckery!

It seems that once again there is a witch-hunt on fan fiction net. I’ve not been targeted personally… Yet. But that means little. Other writers, talented writers have and they have had their stories removed. I have no idea why the people responsible for the latest moral crusade are doing this, or what they hope to achieve. It all seems pointless to me.


From what I have gathered, fan fiction net themselves refuse to take action against these groups. And truly, why should they? These groups are doing their jobs for them. They’re policing the site, looking for stories that ignore the terms of services/guidelines. It’s a shame that in doing so these groups are skirting/breaking the rules themselves. You know, the one about bullying. I’m not saying all of these groups are guilty of such behaviour, but there has been some cases where authors have been harassed. There’s been demands of authors to remove part of their stories, or remove them altogether. But you know what? The admins at FF.Net will over look that as unimportant. Who cares if the moral police bully some insecure, impressible youths because his or hers story is not up to their standards. Because we all know spelling mistakes or awful grammar (like mine) is the real problem here.


I know the other issue is about adult content in stories. And yes, that is clearly against the rules. And it’s probably something most of us are guilty of. God knows most, if not all, of my stories contain adult material. But here’s the thing. The fandom’s I write for, the ones I’m currently involved in, are Southern Vampires Mysteries/True Blood. Two adult fandoms. Neither of them are suitable for children. The books/show contains vampires, fairies, werewolves, etc. They contain sex and violence. It was established from the very start that sex would play a prominent part of the series. Hell, they gave us the term fangbangers.


So if fan fiction net doesn’t want adult content, why include fandom’s that are adult by definition?


Yes, sure we could write for them without including sex and violence. – Although I’m not sure if anyone has been targeted for violence. – But why should we? Why should we censor our creativity because a few groups don’t like it? It’s ridiculous.


I have been growing more disillusioned with fan fiction net for months now. The guest review option was the first straw and this is the last. I truly despise the guest review option. Why certain people think it’s okay to insult and disrespect authors via it I do not know. I really don’t need guest reviewers being snippy and telling me I haven’t updated in weeks/months/a year. Believe it or not, I am actually aware of how long it’s has been since I updated. I really don’t need a reminder.


With that being said, from this day forth I will forgo posting any new stories on I will complete the works in progress on there, but after that, that’s it. I will post exclusively on WordPress. I prefer it here. There’s more freedom and I can add banners/chapter images/etc.


These are just my thoughts/feelings on the matter.


And just to keep you all updated, chapters 20 and 21 are with my beta. And Hadley is about to get a smack in the mouth in 22. I’ve added a new teaser page and a teaser for the next chapter of A Marriage of Inconvenience as well as a brand new story is up.




14 Comments on “Fan Fiction Fuckery!

  1. I’m still stuck over here wondering why the hell ff.n jerked the “MA” rating ESPECIALLY with fandoms like TB/SVM. That makes absolutely NO sense to me whatsoever. Are all the TB/SVM stories supposed to center around Sam turning into a sweet li’l puppy doggie or something? Maybe a couple of stories showing how to potty-train Alcide? I don’t get it. There *is* no TB/SVM without sex, blood, and violence of some sort.

    Extremely well-said, and I can’t wait for updates.


    • That’s what I want to know! Why bother having an “M” rating available if “M” content isn’t allowed on the site??? A lot of us are moving to (or in my case copying my story to) Fictionpad, which features the ease of, without the content restrictions. I love reading stories on WordPress, but I don’t have time to build a blog over there myself.


      • It doesn’t make any sense. I was going through some of the categories early, and they have movies like Sweeney Todd, Saw, and A Nightmare on Elm Street. All 18 certificate movies. What’s the point of having them if the people they cater to aren’t old enough to even watch them?

        Ashensunset moved our joint SunsetQueens stories to fiction pad earlier, so I’ll check that out. I think I’m lucky as I only had one story written when I joined WordPress.


      • Yup – I’ve been hawking too, lol – so easy to switch to. Love my WP, but fp is…easy peasy!


    • Thanks. The rating system over on is stupid. I could write a fic where Sam gets a flea bath. Lol.

      The updates are coming. Hopefully very soon. Plus I’ve got a very AU story in the works.


  2. Well said, it’s a shame to see what is happening in I have found authors and stories that I have enjoyed. I will be following your stories here 🙂


  3. YEAH! new chapters are almost here!

    and to add my two cents: has gone down a hole. and they’re driving away some really good authors.

    as a reader, I think archive of my own is a great place. good stories and pretty easy to navigate.
    and not pesty “crossover” section. just tag all the fandoms your stories are in it’ll appear in all those fandoms.
    it also allows you to ‘download’ fic into a pdf etc form, which is great for my cell to read on longer trips so i can read them again and again without having to use data and navigate wordpress/blog sites on my phone etc.
    which is why i would love you in ao3, cause then i could read your stuff again and again. 🙂


  4. Very sorry to hear writers are being harassed by narrowminded individuals. If they find te stories offensive, they can choose to not read or ignore them. The choices are pretty simple and they are choosing to be bullies. Thank you for updating MOI, loving the premise!


  5. The problem of exit and to follow after the author. I read mostly on, it’s pretty easy to find on the net even on mobile. There are so many fanfiction site which is found quite often empty after a while. The best would be to post the first paragraph in your new chapter in a story on, and announce each time more on worpress for example. This will allow us to know that you have an ongoing story.


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