One More Stage To Go

Yep, back again with another update. I’m happy to say I have written the last of A Marriage of Inconvenience. I still need to type it all up, but by my reckoning they’ll be six or seven chapters to come. It just depends on how I break the chapters up. It might be a few weeks before I start posting as my beta is incredibly busy with school and work.

I’m planning on finishing Hopeless next and then I’ll see where my muse takes me. As I’ve mentioned before I have a new story in the works. It won’t be a traditional E&S fic as they don’t even meet until far in, but as I say with Answer to the Master, it’s a character/plot driven story/series rather than a romance one. The reason I’m bringing this up now is because I’m wondering if anyone would be interested in being a pre reader for it? It’s still awhile away, I probably won’t get to it before December or the New Year, but I figured I’d ask earlier. So, any takers?

14 Comments on “One More Stage To Go

  1. Wow – it sounds like your muses are kickin’ ass and takin’ names! Can’t wait for you to get finished with everything else so you can get back to Fool No More! πŸ˜€


    • I was actually rereading FNM the other day and while I hadn’t forgot about it, I had forgotten how rich the story was. I’d forgotten how much I liked it. I need to do some major plotting for that story. I think I’ll work on that and the new idea together. So look for updates in December/New Year.


      • Yippee!! FNM is one of my all-time favorite stories! Is the new one you speak of Lifting the Veil that we had the teaser for? I am excited about that one as well. And Darkness Within. And the potential sequel to Torn to Shreds you mentioned a while back. And anything else you decide to write πŸ™‚


      • Thanks. Lifting the Veil is one of the new stories. The one I was referring to in this was a series called: Through the Looking Glass. A little/big idea I cooked up a few weeks back.


  2. Would love to pre-read! Love ur stories. U made russell even more lovable. I liked him as a villian as much a i knew he had to go i hated it


    • Thank you. I can’t take all the credit for Russell as Ashensunset writes his part. Thank you for your offer and once I have the first part of the story written I’ll contact you.


  3. When you get closer to the date, and you are still stuck, give me a holler. God willing and the creek don’t rise I’ll be done with fist volume of Parallex by then.


  4. *raises hand*. I should have plenty of time then. Between my own writing (muse seems to have taken an early and much extended Christmas break), co-writing which is going swimmingly, and betaing which is hardly taking any time I should have plenty of time. Besides, it’ll be fun and I’ll learn a new skill set :D.


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