New Story: Lifting the Veil

Lifting the Veil

Title: Lifting the Veil
Rating: NC17
Summary: To protect the future Sookie had to forget her past and become the one thing she never wanted to be, human.
AN: A massive thank you to my lovely beta Ashensunset. It was through this story we met and I’d like to say became friends. I wasn’t going to post this until it was complete, but after today’s little book clusterfuck I thought what the hell. We need some stories that will pretty much guarantee a happy ending for our beloved couple. A few things to note this is a True Blood story. I actually started writing this after the second episode of season 5, yes, over a year ago. At that point I/we knew little about the Authority or Lilith so I made it all up as I went along. This isn’t your traditional story. It’ll have lots and twists and turns. But that’s what we like.


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