New Chapter!


What can I say? I felt like spoiling you all. The next chapter won’t be for a few days at least. But my beta, the lovely Ashensunset, does have the next three chapters and I should finish typing the rest up today. A big thank you to everyone who read/reviewed the last chapter. Your comments really brighten my day.

Chapter Twenty-One

One Comment on “New Chapter!

  1. I love this story, and what I like most about this story is how you treat with Bill Compton. I admire your ability to slowly build its web and its destiny. I chuckled when I read the mistakes he commits yet and still knowing that when you’re done with him in it will be poetic justice!
    after all this story begins with a bill pov!
    Vickie thank you for this wonderful story full of surprises.
    and thank you for the dual update, we had great need. I would like you return the favor and cheer you up in my lap.


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