Story Hiatus

Hi everyone; this is Ashensunset here posting for VampQueenV. She asked me to update everyone to let you know she will be on a hiatus for at least the near future. I’d like you all to keep her and her family in your thoughts as her mother is currently in the hospital due, initially, to a stroke and, now, a subsequent chest infection. The prognosis for her mother is not positive, so please keep VampQueenV, her family, and her mother in your thoughts and prayers. Neither she nor I are sure when she’ll be able to continue working on her stories, but currently, it is obviously most important that she spend time with her mum and her family. Thank you all for your support and patience.

7 Comments on “Story Hiatus

  1. When you can, please give her our love and support. Unfortunately I can absolutely imagine what she’s going through, and I’m certain your friendship is invaluable. Her mama needs her now…she’ll come back to us when she’s ready. Love and prayers ♥


  2. You are all in my prayers, please let her know we are thinking of her and family!!


  3. My heart goes out to you.
    When I lost my mother, it was after a protracted illness upon another devastating illness.
    Even so, when she passed away, it came as a shock to me.
    It’s been eight years, but even now, sometimes I can’t believe she’s gone.
    I really hope she pulls through.

    Love and prayers…


  4. Sorry to hear about your mother. Stay strong. My thoughts are with you & your family.


  5. Obviously we will miss her, but family is the most important. Sending thoughts and well wishes for her mother.


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