New Chapter!

Behind the Public Masks 1


There will be a total of thirteen chapters for Behind The Public Masks. It seems some of you want a Queen/Sookie/Regent sandwich. I have no problem writing that. Although, it won’t be until the next part. If there is any pairing/flashback you would like to see, feel free to leave a comment/suggestion. I’m not promising anything, but there’s a good chance I’ll write it. As long as it doesn’t involve a Bill lemon. Yuck.

There’s a few warnings for this chapter. Again, if you don’t like reading Sookie with other people, don’t read this. You also get to hear a little about Sookie’s past, and how Only at Night came about in this chapter. I know some of you might be upset with what I had Sookie do, but I wanted to explore new directions.

Warnings: Lemons, femmeslash.

Behind The Public Masks: Chapter Eleven

Beta‘d by msbuffy.

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