Last Chapter!

Behind the Public Masks 1

Get your hankies ready.

It’s time for the last chapter of the first part of The Masks Series. Yep, it’s the last chapter of Behind The Public Masks. Please don’t kill me…

Thank you all so much for reading/reviewing this story. I have the second part all planned out and I’m going to start writing it this weekend. Hopefully, it won’t take me too long to get it finished. I wrote the first part in about three months. Also, vote in the poll below. Should Tray and Maria-Star end up together?

A big thank you to msbuffy for her editing work.

Behind The Public Masks: Chapter Thirteen
Edit: The poll wasn’t working so I deleted it. Leave a comment to cast your vote.

12 thoughts on “Last Chapter!

    1. Soyshay

      Wow so many typos on that last post. Sometimes Auto correct thinks it can read my mind. Clearly it can’t.

      Here’s what I meant:
      I LOVE this story & I can’t WAIT for the next installment.


  1. Kammz

    Hey thanks for sharing this awesome story, Love all your stories…I don’t think tray and maria-star should get together I think you should put her with someone who deserves her, he left her behind at the drop of a phone call. Though it would be really really really cool if you could write about amelia having her ass handed to her in the most brutal way!!!


      1. meridiean

        queenofareafive: *paces like a doggie that’s gotta go peeeeee*
        FWIW: Know what helps me get back in the mood of a story? I think back to the music I was listening to when I first really got into it. Then I wait for a good bout of insomnia to hit, plug in the tunes, reread the last chapter (but don’t get bogged down reading the WHOLE thing), then…just start writing. You never have to keep every word you type out, but when getting started on a stumped story is the hardest part, you can keep what you want and delete the rest.

        But anyhu: I love FNM – it’s one of my all-time favs… just like AMOI…and Torn to Shreds… πŸ˜€


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