Masks Outtake: Sookie and Jackson

Masks Outtakes

Yep, I’m back already. I have started work on the second part of The Masks Series and I’m hoping I’ll have it done before too long. I took a brief break from it to write the first in many, thanks to MistressJessica1028 and Gyllene, outtakes. Seriously, I have eight, well, seven now, outtakes planned thanks to them. But, I’m always happy to add more if there’s anything in particular you would like to read.

Thanks as always to msbuffy for her editing work, and this time, thanks to Gyllene as well. She’s come on board as a beta for The Masks Series.

Major lemon warning for this outtake. But you already knew that, didn’t you? Another brief note. In The Masks Series, Sookie is not related to Claudine, Claudette, and Claude. There’s a reason I’m mentioning that and you’ll understand once you read the outtake.

Right, this outtake is for gwynwyvar. She was the one who wanted this pairing badly.

Masks Outtake: Constructing The Mask

One Comment on “Masks Outtake: Sookie and Jackson

  1. Woohoooooh!
    I was away from WordPress for a while….
    And I missed this!
    OK. Going to read now. Once maybe twice. Heck, I don’t need to do housework, only needs to be redone anyway.
    Might read it a few times 🙂


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