Fool No More Update and News!


Yes, you read that right. An actual update for Fool No More. It’s been a long time coming I know. I have good news and bad news for this story. The bad news is, this part is almost over. There’s only one or two more chapters to go. The good news is, I’ve decided to turn FNM into a series. I won’t be posting that part until it’s complete though.

A few points for this chapter. The bold italics are Eric’s thoughts. While the just italics are Sookie’s.

Beta’d by MsBuffy. A big thank you to her as always.

I will have a new four part story coming to you all soon. I’m currently working on the final part. Each part will be between two and four chapters long, and I will update daily. So keep a look out for that.

Now, on with the chapter.

Chapter Sixteen

One Comment on “Fool No More Update and News!

  1. I knew it!!! I’m thinking that Eric and Sookie are pregnant…going by the banner. Maybe? I had that thought when that “voice” sounded out with the rhyme in the hotel as their souls bonded. Sorry, I’d have to go and find the exact quote, but something about “and the future shall be born”.
    Maybe I’m off base, but I can’t wait to find out 😀


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