New Series: Long Hard Road Out Of Hell

Long Hard Road Out of Hell

Summary: A shocking betrayal leaves Sookie broken. But when lies are uncovered and secrets unearthed, a new light is cast upon the past, and a shocking truth is finally revealed.
Angst by the bucket load. Oh my God, the angst.
Lemons, violence, coarse language. Come on, it’s me. You should know what to expect by now.
AN: After months and months of writing, I have finally finished the story. When I started this, it was only supposed to be a small one-shot. Like most people, I wasn’t happy with season 7. Although, I’m not sure if I’m allowed to be unhappy with it as I haven’t actually watched it… Yet. My wonderful partner in crime over at SunsetQueens, Ashensunset would give me a running commentary as she watched the episodes, and after one episode, I don’t remember the title, I got the idea for this story. As I said it was originally just supposed to be a small one-shot, but it grew and grew until eventually it had four separate parts. I wanted to keep the parts as singles, but I got wordy, so I’m having to separate them into chapters. I will be updating daily, so there will be no wait.

 This is an angsty ride. So get your tissues ready… And try not to kill me. Seriously, I can’t post chapters if you do. Each part and the title of the series is titled after a song.

I want to give a big thank you to MsBuffy for all her stellar editing. At one point while writing this, I was sending her new parts everyday. Thank you also to Gyllene. Your help in the early days while I was plotting this out helped me immensely. And, last but by no means least, thanks to the lady I share a brain with MistressJessica. I would still be stuck on plot points if he wasn’t for you.

For the record… We really do share a brain. A dozen times we have said the same thing at the same time/come up with the same idea, and on one freaky occurrence, I answered a question before she even had a chance to ask it. It is seriously spooky.

Click on the banner for the chapter.

Somewhere Down the Road


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