Chapter Three

Somewhere Down the Road

I can not thank you all enough for your reviews. The response to this story has blown me away. Again, I am sorry that I haven’t answered them all. As I said yesterday, I’ve been spending my free time writing. I finished a chapter of Masque of the Red Death last night, and started the next chapter of Lifting the Veil.

Remember that angst warning I gave at the beginning? Well, it starts now. Grab your tissues, things are about to get painful for our girl.

Chapter Three

9 Comments on “Chapter Three

  1. Hope you don’t mind. I’m waiting a bit to read this, I like to have the angst over with before I start, if I can lol.

    Definitely look forward to reading it… Maybe soon?

    And yay for forking on Masque. Love that story. And Veil. Heck, all of them lol

    And ps. Just another thankyou for the yummy Sookie/jackson out-take.
    Hmmm… Hugh… Might go read that again lol


    • I don’t mind. It gets bumpy for a while. The third part of the story is where it things turn around. That part is titled: Bless the Broken Road. So when you see that, you should be good to go.

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  2. Fyi. Given the angst warning I’m planning to wait til your finished to read. I’m not in an angst place right now. If that makes any sense.


  3. Even though I know a lot about this I think I’m waiting to read it until it is all out. I’m such an angst baby these days. 🙂


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