2 thoughts on “Lifting the Veil Update

  1. duckbutt60

    Bill Compton has his head so far up his ass he needs a window in his stomach to see the world. How dumb —strutting around like a banty rooster, when he’s thisclose to being overthrown and he is so blind…..ugh, it takes a woman to keep folks safe, doesn’t it. And Sookie —really does have an “S” on her chest. And Thalia –I adore Thalia!
    Now….will Pam continue to be stupid or will she smarten up? Even though she forced Eric to turn her, she did have some smarts as she aged as a vampire. Will she allow her jealously to blind her or will she see the bigger picture?
    Well –the take over was thwarted –Now…will we see some kind of coalition between DeCastro, Russell and the Sanguinistas? Maybe DeCastro will smarten up as well…..
    Can’t wait to see what Eric and Sookie discuss – I’m sure the show of strength and authority by Sookie has him as hard as a rock 🙂


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