Unconventional: Wild and Wicked

Wild and Wicked

Greetings, all!

I have a new little fic for you here. It’s a part of the Unconventional Series. 

Title: Wild and Wicked
Rating: NC17
Summary: A series of one shots detailing the early lives and relationships of Eric, Ben, Sookie, and Willa.
Warnings: Lemons, Slash, Femmeslash, Threesomes, Moresomes, Coarse Language. You name it and chances are it’ll be included in this part of the series.
AN: Thanks as always to my beta Ms Buffy. Also, I would like to give a big, big thank you to Mistress Jessica. She has helped me so much with this series. She’s helped me plot it out, given me stories and ideas to use. So, thank you Mistress Jessica. Wild and Wicked will be a series of one shots focusing on the events leading up to Swing. I will post them as I write them, but they probably won’t be in chronological order when I post. I’m writing the history as it comes to me. Up first we have Eric and Ben. This fic is set during their time in high school. The first blowjob!

Again, if you don’t like reading about Eric and Sookie with other people, skip this fic. This is a part of the Unconventional Series. The foursome relationship.

Wild and Wicked: Eric and Ben

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