7 thoughts on “Anyone Interested in a Christmas Challenge?

    1. queenofareafive

      Oh yeah, I remember you telling me about that. I was thinking of letting this one running up until about a week before Christmas and then posting the stories over the Christmas period. Everyone could sit back, relax, and enjoy a story or two.

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      1. Kittyinaz

        The only reason I doing mine thus way us that I’m lea Inc for AZ that week. It will give me time to get the banners made and stuff before I left. The laptop I’m taking isn’t the best, but until I get my own it will work for stories!

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  1. Sarah

    Not really. Don’t like the Holiday season much. Too much drama, greed, and sadness. I just prefer regular stories if they extend months in the plot then so be it if the holidays show up. But I dont read xmas. v-day or easter stories the rest of the holidays i guess are ok but those 3 suck


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