The Road Not Taken Update!

The Road Not Taken

First up, a big thank you to Ms Buffy. I would be lost without all her help. Plus, she encourages my love of Finn.

Some of you have been wondering when or if Eric will be coming into this story. Eric will definitely be in the story. I’m not sure exactly when he will make his first appearance, but I think it should be somewhere around chapter 8 to 10. You will be meeting a few other Bloodline members before him though.

Warnings: NSFW. Lemons.

The Road Not Taken: Chapter Five

4 Comments on “The Road Not Taken Update!

    • I will. I had a serious case of writers block with it. I wasn’t sure whether to jump forward in time or stick with Sookie as a child for a while. I want to get a few chapters written before I start posting again though. I took it down temporarily so I can redo the banners and get a few more chapters written.


  1. What happen to the Darkness with in?????? I know how buzzy you are but Darkness and Immortal love are two of my favorites any hints please
    Thank you and have a wonderful and Blessed Holidays



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